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Salon Owner and Master Hair Stylist

Anastasia, the owner of Opium Hair & Beauty Club, brings over 14 years of hairstyling experience, remarkable talent, and unwavering passion for beauty. With a focus on luxury and innovation, she transforms hair into radiant masterpieces that instill confidence in her clients. 

Known for her signature "Mélange" hair coloring technique and Effervescent Toning process, Anastasia has attracted a prestigious clientele, including European celebrities and public figures. 

Beyond her role as a salon owner, she indulges her artistic soul through painting, fashion design and other creative pursuits, while balancing her successful career with being a devoted wife and mother to her two sons.

Valeriia Zlomanova

Scalp Health Specialist and Certified Trichologist

Valeriia is a dedicated scalp health specialist, bringing her expertise as a certified trichologist and cosmetic chemist. Her focus extends beyond just the scalp, encompassing the overall health of the hair. 

As the provider of hair wellness treatments at Opium, Valeriia ensures her clients receive personalized care and guidance for optimal hair health.

Additionally, she offers consultations on customized hair care routines for our guests. Beyond her profession, Valeriia finds joy in photography, painting, architecture, and even crafting her own clothes and candles.

Svetlana Bazylevska

Receptionist and Hospitality Expert

Svetlana is more than a receptionist; she is a dedicated expert in guest hospitality at Opium, ensuring every guest's experience is both enjoyable and memorable.

Her unwavering commitment to making everyone feel welcomed and valued has made her a vital member of our team.

Beyond her professional role, Svetlana finds joy in traveling and immersing herself in different cultures.

Anastasia Pykhtina

Hair Stylist and Hairdo Expert

Anastasia is an exceptionally talented hairstylist with a passion for hairdos, braids, and hair coloring.

With 6 years of experience, she has established herself as an expert in specialty coloring techniques and couture hair cuts. Anastasia's journey in hairdressing began while pursuing her engineering degree in college.

As a means of extra income, she discovered her natural talent for creating stunning wedding hairdos.

Outside the salon, she finds relaxation in yoga and swimming.

Anna Demidova

Hair Stylist and Manicurist

Anna is a versatile beauty professional, excelling both as a hair stylist and manicurist. Her expertise lies in couture haircuts, specialty color, keratin straightening and creating stunning updos for special occasions. 

Additionally, Anna's manicure and pedicure services are exquisite. She crafts beautiful gel and acrylic nails, showcasing her creativity though intricate nail designs.

Driven by passion for growth, she is also exploring opportunities as a TV caster. In her spare time, Anna finds joy in activities like target ranges, billiards and painting.

Victoria Sokol

Cosmetologist and Licensed Esthetician

Victoria is a highly skilled esthetician with eight years of experience in the beauty industry.

Specializing in various facials, chemical peels, and the collagen-stimulating endosphere treatment, she is dedicated to providing exceptional service at Opium. 

What truly sets Victoria apart is her genuine love for her clients. Her caring nature and commitment to staying updated with the latest technologies make her an invaluable asset to the salon.

Inna Yanykhbash

Manicurist and Nail Design Expert

Inna is a highly skilled manicurist and nail design expert with four years of experience. Her passion for beauty and creativity shines through in her work as she strives for perfection with every client.

Inna takes great pride in providing a relaxing spa experience to every guest.

Outside of her work, Inna cherishes quality time with her kids.

She also maintains an active lifestyle, engaging in various sports to stay fit and energized.

Olga Bondarenko

Manicurist and Nail Treatments Expert

Olga is a talented manicurist with expertise in manicures, pedicures, nail design and luxurious spa treatments. She always ensures quality work that leaves her clients feeling happy and pampered.

She has a thirst for knowledge and continuously seeks to learn new skills and techniques in her field, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations.

Beyond her professional skills, Olga is known for her warm and friendly personality, making every client feel comfortable and valued during their visit.

Hanna Bushuieva

Massage Therapist and Body Sculpting Specialist

Hanna is an accomplished massage therapist with four years of experience, specializing in state of the art body sculpting massage techniques.

Combining her expertise in massage therapy with a background as a personal trainer, she is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their ultimate body goals. 

Her commitment to her clients' wellness, beauty and physical health makes her an invaluable asset to our salon.


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